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Professional Speakers for your Project

Whatever you need. A complete movie dubbing, a narrator for an audiobook, a voice actor, an Off Speaker for your Commercial or Image Video, there are thousands of professional voice talents in our world who will meet the standard for your project. We transfer the Audio & Video from any language into any language with a huge selection of speakers. Just listen to some examples and go further with our Speaker Database.

Some Voice Samples

A Trailer for a German Science Fiction Novel

Unilever TV Spot dubbed into Khmer (Cambodian)

We have professional speakers for you ready to work:
Arabian, Khmer, Spanish, English, French, German, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

Over 200 Speakers in our Voice Sample Base for your choice.
They are based in Germany. Contact us and we will give you access to our Database:

Any other languages on request.

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