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A Classical Piece – From the Garage to the big Facility

Planet Wave had been founded early 1983 by Alexander Rakocz as a Synthesizer Band for the production of film music and became 1984, with the support of the Cultural Department of Hamburg, the Planet Wave Studio for the production of Newcomer Bands. Later on, the studio worked for advertisement agencies, such as TEAM/BBDO, DMB&B and NDR Werbefernsehen. 1988 the studio entered the dubbing market.

After a won tender over 240 episodes of The Smurfs from Berlusconi’s TV station Tele5, the enterprise performed the classical piece from a Garage Start-Up to the big facility with five studios. Until 1996 the Planet Wave Studios dubbed over 40.000 minutes of TV series and movies for Tristar Columbia, Tele 5, RTL2, Pro7, Procter&Gamble, Globo TV and Hearst Entertainment, and about 100 radio plays has been produced for Universal’s Karussell Label.

1996 Planet Wave moved into the cartoon film production industry too and received the first investment license in Vietnam in this field with an investment capital of 730.000USD. The Planet Wave Studios Saigon provided Ink&Paint, Compositing and Filmrecording service with a team of 100 people. Most famous productions are:

  • The cinema-feature Jungledyret Hugo 2 for the two times Oscar-nominated Director Peer Holst
  • Werner 3 for Achterbahn AG
  • The famous TV series Simsalagrimm for Greenlight Media
  • The series Wildlife and many episodes of Bibi Blocksberg.
    2014 Planet Wave begun with the Dubbing Business in South East Asia for Cinema, Series and TV Spots.

Dubbing, Audio Engineering and Cartoon Film production


Cartoonfilm Production (Planet Wave Studios Saigon)
German Dubbing (Planet Wave Studios Hamburg)

Some famous Series you may know:
The Smurfs – Die Schlümpfe 240 eps. for Tele5 / Berlusconi
Grimms Märchen ( グリム名作劇場 ) 26 eps. Tele5 / TV Asahi
Mila Superstar ( アタックNo.1 )104 eps. for RTL2 / Shūeisha
Die tollen Fußball-Stars (キャプテン翼 ) 128 eps. for RTL2 / Toei Animation
Real Ghostbusters 26 eps. for Tristar Columbia
Henderson – Search for tomorrow 310 eps. for Tele5 / Procter&Gamble
…and many more

Asia Dubbing (Planet Wave Studios Asia)

Doraemon ( ドラえもん ) 104 eps. for Injestar Inc. / Shōgakukan
Blockbuster Dangerous Boys for Legend Cinemas /Westec Media

Planet Wave Studio in Saigon
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